I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. I appreciate the connection and curiosity you have shared with us, and the willingness to consider new potentials to improve yourself and or the world.

Friendship and Kindness are world changing - and even our smallest actions can carry forth into the future well-being for others.

If you'd like to share with us in warm energy and good intentions - please join us for one of our upcoming Movie Nights.

"It's Getting Better" - this Sunday - explores the subtle (or not so subtle) energies of our attitudes and provides an inspired vision for a future we can actively work to create.

"Impressions" - on Dec. 10th - a heart felt exploration of our power to choose what stories we live through as our lives.

Thanks for being part of this conversation


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The Power of Friendship

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

It is good to have a sangha of friends. It's even better to do important work with a sangha of friends. Sangha, if you don't know the word, means a community of spiritual companions who have a common purpose.

Compassion begins as an openness, a giving, a non-judging, a no demand trusting, an offer of friendship.

...Fair and honest trade will bring societies together. If the people in a society are able to restore personal responsibility, compassion, and service to others, before competitive trade collapses the society, they will evolve into a contemplative community of friends. Values will shift from acquiring material wealth to exploring consciousness. Spiritual disciplines become common practices. The sangha is born.


Making Friends

Two groups in conflict will consume (my guess) a hundred times the amount of resources than they would consume if the two groups were friends.

You want to know how to conserve natural resources? Make friends, because friends share.

Future generations will need to direct their greatest efforts toward tolerantly coming together. The world needs less superpowers, and more friendly tribes.

Compassion starts with a feeling of friendliness toward your self (self-acceptance) and then it grows into a feeling of friendliness toward others. You don't have to find someone who is suffering to be compassionate.

End Quote

watch Personal Responsibility, Compassion and Service to Others

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Friendly Actions

Deliberately do a good deed for someone without being found out.

Expected Results: Increased sense of self-respect

Time: 30+ minutes

from Ten Actions You Can Do Today to Start Taking Back Your Life

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"What a good world it can be." -Harry Palmer

Harry Palmer and the ripple effect of friendship


Watch a talk by Harry Palmer and discover more of the ripple effects that friendliness and friendship can create in the world.

See the talk now


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Join a friendly tribe of people sharing perspectives on topics about life, consciousness, and humanity. Topics posed by Harry Palmer and others from all over the world!

Look for the Avatar Legacy page on Facebook

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Upcoming Activities

Movie Night - Sunday 11/26 6:30 on Zoom

"It's Getting Better"

"The world at its worst needs us at our best" - Harry Palmer

Are you ready to offer the world your best? If so, then you'll want to join us for this powerful and aligning talk.

Learn more

Avatar Movie Night - It's Getting Better

A Gathering of Spiritual Friends 11/30 5-7pm

In-Person at 7 Notes Natural Health (Free)

I'm looking for an informal way to meet and connect with spiritually minded folks.

No agenda and no lessons - just a chance to learn, share and meet new people.

Learn More

A Gathering of Spiritual Friends

Workshop - Nov 16

Quiet Mind: Finding Your Way Home

"...certain deliberate combinations of mental processes result in peace of mind and open the door to an experience of spirit."

Learn More

Quiet Mind: Finding Your Way Home with the Avatar Course

Movie Night 12/10


"The Power to change your story is the power to change your life." - Harry Palmer

It's not just an idea - join us in exploring the POWER we have to rewrite the script of our lives.

Learn more

Avatar Movie Night - Impressions


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Coming January, 2024

Orlando, Florida

International Avatar Course - In-Person


Discover More


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Connect with an Avatar Master

Inner Peace


“I searched for all my life, 42 years, to find inner peace. Now I have found it and it feels great. The past few days have been one big journey of exploration. I have discovered things about myself that have given me lots of power and lots of energy.”

- H. K., The Netherlands



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