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Psychic Practitioners and Information

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Also known as

Clairvoyant - Intuitive - Medium

Aura/Tarot/Star/Rune/Crystal Reader

What does Psychic mean?

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What does Psychic mean?Psychics feel and read the spiritual energy of an individual soul and interpret how it relates to the metaphysical energy of the universe. A person with these powers may be known in general as a Psychic, Medium, Fortune Teller, or Intuitive or may be referred to as a specific practitioner such as Tarot reader, Astrologer, or Rune caster.

Psychic powers include knowledge or capabilities that are considered otherworldly, extra-sensory, spiritual, or metaphysical in the sense that they are beyond traditionally accepted physical laws. Among others, Psychic powers may include the ability to anticipate future events, recognize hidden health issues, communicate with beings that are no longer living, and identify impending dangers or opportunities and more.

Why do people call on Psychics?

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Why do people call on Psychics?Each of us is energized by a spiritual or psychic soul or toward a life purpose. Psychics enable us to learn about our psychic life and to receive spiritual guidance regarding decisions or circumstances to best fulfill our intentions. Psychics are usually contacted to provide guidance regarding relationship issues, life-changing decisions, health issues, emotional distress, or resolution of unsettled events. The optimal path forward is clearer when metaphysical revelations about an issue are considered in combination with personal insights.

What powers do Psychics have?

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What powers do Psychics have?They are several types of psychic abilities, some of which are described below. Regarding predicting the future, Psychics envision future events based on their perception of past and present events and awareness of key energy factors, associations, and directional markers. No future prediction is fated or inevitable. Psychics can, however, project for their clients what is likely to happen along a given path unless other options are taken.

Psychic AbilityDescription
ClairvoyanceClairvoyance (clear-seeing) is the general term for the ability to perceive information about an object, person, location, or physical event without direct sensory contact or input. Clairvoyants typically perceive visions of past or future events, objects, or a location in their “mind’s eye.” Depending on how the information is perceived, this power may be referred to specificalyl as Clairsentience (clear-feeling), Clairaudience (clear-hearing), or Claircognizance (clear-knowing). Clairvoyance is sometimes called Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP) or “Sixth Sense.”
Spiritual Energy PerceptionPsychics in general can perceive the metaphysical spiritual energy vibrations emanating from and to a living being. The perception of interaction of spiritual energy of a being with the universal consciousness provides information on the physical health, emotional well-being, state of mind, and spiritual intention of that person.
ChannelingChanneling powers involve connecting to a spirit being and allowing that being to communicate to people in this world through spoken words or the psychic’s physical body.
Empathy/IntuitionPsychic empaths are extremely sensitive to the spiritual energy of others and experience other’s physical feelings, emotions, mental states, and or health issues. These experiences can be intense, may be voluntary or involuntary, and are not based on visual or other sensory clues. Intuitives have similar sensitivity but perceive the feelings or states of others without experiencing them in their own bodies.
TelepathyInformation that passes from one sentient being to another without any sensory input or exchange is considered telepathy. These can include intentions, emotions, concepts, images, sounds, physical sensations, etc.
Remote ViewingRemote viewing refers to the ability to perceive information about a distant location or object without any current or previous sensory input. These perceptions can be quite detailed.


What types of Psychics are there?

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Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Tarot Readers, Crystal Readers and morePsychics use a wide variety of methods and resources to gather information about the spiritual energy influencing clients and their circumstances. The method of perception is less important than the intensity and clarity of the spiritual messages received. Psychics experience time as multi-dimensional and may perceive events from the past, the present, and the future. While often called fortune-tellers, psychics do not describe events that are fated to happen, but rather the confluence of energies and potential actions that influence events. This information can assist seekers to make decisions that take advantage of opportunities or avoid undesirable outcomes.

Psychic TypeDescription
Aura/Spiritual ReaderAn aura refers to the spiritual energy field that emanates from a person’s body and interacts with universal energy. Auras may reflect colors associated with the chakras and indicate areas of strong energy or disruptions from physical or emotional issues.
Spirit MediumA medium connects with beings in the spiritual world and can communicate their messages.
Medical IntuitiveA medical intuitive can perceive health issues in the human body and their relationship to spiritual or emotional issues.
Tarot ReaderThe 78 Tarot cards each have different images and symbols. The reader places the cards and interprets the meaning of their sequence and associations to the life of the seeker.
Rune CasterRune casting is usually used to address specific questions or critical decision points in a person’s life. The 24 Rune stones are tossed and then readings are done from their placement and the meaning of their ancient German/Nordic symbols. (Rune means “mystery” in modern English.)
AstrologerAn Astrologer derives a reading from the cosmic configuration at the time and place of your birth, your personal attributes, and the metaphysical energies that continue to influence your life. This analysis helps reveal the direction or your life path, and clarifies your talents, potentials, challenges, and options.
Dream AnalystA Dream Analyst identifies key symbols and actions from a client’s dream, interprets hidden (latent) meanings, and provides spiritual awareness of underlying issues.
Past Life ReadingsSome psychics guide clients to recover memories of past lives (past life regression or examining Akashic Records) and determine how they influence their current life journey.
Other Reading TypesCrystal balls, tea leaves, and a variety of other materials can be used to receive spiritual messages and energies. The method is only important as a vehicle to receive and interpret how a person’s spiritual energy associates with universal consciousness toward achieving their life purpose.


What is a Psychic Reading like?

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What is a Psychic Reading like?Unlike a therapist (who often responds to questions with other questions), a Psychic tends to actively answer your questions with information they perceive about your spiritual energy and relevant interactions with the metaphysical energies in your situation. This additional insight provides clarity regarding the significance of life events and your options on how to deal with them. (Like a therapist, a Psychic allows you to confide sensitive information without affecting others in your family or social/professional environment.)

Make the most of your time with a Psychic by preparing specific questions about your current situation. Are you uncertain about a relationship? Do you have a life-altering decision to make? Are you stressed about a health or emotional issue? Put your concerns in the form of a few very specific questions so the psychic can sense your focus, more accurately read your spiritual energy, and visualize the associations that affect your past, present and future situation.

When the psychic responds with perceptions or readings, attend to your reactions and ask more questions. Do the psychic’s perceptions ring true? Do they provide insights to your true or unconscious desires, to the behavior of others or significant events, to appropriate actions? Take notes as needed so that you can sort out your feeling and plan your next steps after the session.

How should I choose a Psychic?

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How should I choose a Psychic?Psychic abilities are effective regardless of location, so the decision to have an in-person or distance (online, email, or phone) session is a matter of personal preference, availability, and convenience.

The type of psychic to choose is also a matter of preference. As described above, there are many types of psychic abilities and practitioners use a variety of methods. Consider the credibility you assign to the diverse types of psychic abilities—you may have confidence in aura readings based on your yoga experience of chakra energies, or you may be intrigued by Tarot predictions that friends have received.

Read through the profiles of practitioners on the Find Magic People site and make note of your reactions. You may want to attend spiritually oriented fairs or events to meet psychics in person.

You are likely to be drawn to a few practitioners based on their presentation and the appeal of their offerings. Honor these feelings of attraction to make your choice. Trust, comfort, and credibility are key to developing an ongoing productive psychic relationship.

Do Psychic powers work?

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Do Psychic powers work?You are not likely to be satisfied if you need scientific evidence for the existence of psychic powers. Paranormal and Extra-sensory Perception (ESP) studies have provided evidence that such powers as telepathy exist, but they only show minor examples of image recognition. Actual ESP usually does not lend itself to scientific study because it is not reproduceable. Psychic readings with any real significance are highly dependent on the individuals and circumstances. Even so, their accuracy may be explained away by the “power of suggestion.” Published examples of psychic predictions that have come true have been dismissed as lucky guesses, or by saying that somebody somewhere has predicted every major event.

Psychic powers are based on the fact that each human body contains unique spiritual energy that interacts with the physical and metaphysical energies of the universe. Psychics have innate sensibility as well as learned capability to perceive and communicate the interactions of these forces. The accuracy of these readings is hard to prove in part because people receiving them act upon the information, hopefully to their benefit. People who call on psychics provide testimonials for how their readings have helped with healing, relationship mending, and successful career moves, but what scientific proof can be provided that it was the reading that made a difference?

Warning Note: Unfortunately, there are fake psychics that scam their clients by describing potential threats. They create fear and the belief that they are the only ones that can keep dreadful things from happening, requiring their clients to pay for expensive sessions or gifts to eliminate the problem. Be cautious and never believe that someone else is the only one that can control events in your life.

How do people become Psychics?

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Many people have some level of psychic powers. They may realize that they know what someone else is thinking or feeling or they may have intuition about an event that actually happens. If you are drawn to do so, here are some practices that could develop your psychic powers:

  • Meditate regularly
  • Read the energy in objects that are meaningful to you and others
  • Attend to your intuition (gut level feelings) while interacting with others
  • Imagine objects and locations in your mind’s eye as vividly as possible
  • Practice seeing aura energy and use yoga techniques to improve energy flow through your chakras
  • Read about and try psychic reading methods on yourself and friends
  • Find a psychic mentor and study a specific practice