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We found that the features users wanted generally matched where they are in business. If you are growing your base of users and getting established in the world - the Starter Plan is probably right for you.

On the other hand - if you've been at it a while, and have a wide range of modalities, services and possibly courses you offer - then you'll want the added ways to share what you do in the Expert Tier.

The Starter Plan 

$8.95 a month or $85 by the year

Note: Longer term plans are not offered - as the hope is for everyone to increase their expertise and confidence!
  • Create a hub for yourself online - which makes it easy for the world to learn about you.
    • Your profile, including your display name, location and contact information.
    • Link to all your social media and webpage if you have one.
    • Your bio and details about your approach, methods, locations, logistics (online, in-person, in groups, etc.), associations, etc.
    • Link to an introductory video (from YouTube or Vimeo) if you have one.
  • Add in any events you offer or participate in
    • Unlimited personal events (online and in-person)
    • Including courses, and free introductory events
  • Link to Expos and Venues near you
  • You and your events are automatically connected to appropriate keyword areas throughout the platform.
  • Your Profile and everything you create are optimized for the Search Engines

Expert Tier

$18.95 per month or $175 yearly
3 year plan for $425 - save $100 over yearly
5 year plan for $600 - 2 additional years for less than $200

In addition to everything in the starter tier, you also can communicate with the world in the following ways.

  • Create unlimited Offerings such as
    • Venues with events, calendar and event member practitioners
    • Create custom pages specific to your Healing modalities
    • Create custom pages specific to your Psychic modalities 
    • Offer Courses, Gatherings, Retreats and Published works (coming soon).
    • Note: These can each also highlight your events
  • Contribute as an expert to various conversations.
  • Create your own blog or discussion pages.
  • List the modalities you teach to practitioners
Variation Description

Everything you need to establish a presence online and let the world connect with you. Create a beautiful profile, unlimited events and get streamlined social sharing. Visitors can follow you or topics related to you to receive notifications of events.

This is a monthly recurring subscription.