Join the FindMagicPeople Community as a Practitioner— and as a welcome Colleague

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This is an exciting time for spiritual and holistic practitioners as each day thousands of people go online to seek our services and FindMagicPeople (FMP) provides the connection. FMP attracts attention, establishes relationships, and monetizes our online offerings. We are an innovative new venture creating the infrastructure needed for people to find and connect with you. We also leverage social media and search engines on a scale that is out of reach for individual providers. 

How FMP Supports Practitioners  Download the Practitioner's Guide (PDF)

As a colleague in the FMP community, you automatically benefit from many entry points on the portal and the several ways seekers are guided to learn about you. Each of your offerings leads back to your profile and is included in listings, topical pages, and searches throughout the site.

What you can create and post in FMP:

  • Unlimited Offerings (Venues, Products, Healing and Reading services and more).
  • Your profile, including your display name, location and contact information.
  • Your bio and details about your approach, methods, locations, logistics (online, in-person, in groups, etc.), associations, etc.
  • Link to an introductory video (from YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Shared connections with others in your network.
  • Other ideas you have…

FMP features for the site, members, and their offerings:

  • Active and continually updated Search Engine Optimization
  • Weekly promotions on social media for upcoming events and select offerings
  • Introductory social media announcements for new members
  • Functionality for scheduling services, making sales and collecting payment directly on member or offering pages (no FMP fee)
  • Functionality for communications with and notifications to customers
  • Several points of entry, menu guidance, topical browsing, and search capability for seekers
  • Topical Search results that provide links to relevant FMP providers
  • Channels to connect and share with colleagues
  • Promotional links to your profile and offerings to share with prospects
  • Ability to notify your followers of new dates or offerings


Member Add-On Options

There are also several add on features that you may be interested in

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Variation Description

Everything you need to establish a presence online and let the world connect with you. Create a beautiful profile, unlimited events and get streamlined social sharing. Visitors can follow you or topics related to you to receive notifications of events.

This is a monthly recurring subscription.