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Expanding Your Business

Expanding your business as a psychic practitioner or energy healer

Expert Tier - A unique way to grow your reach and connections

FindMagicPeople can help you bring your online presence to life


Are you looking to scale up and reach more people?

[Note - if you aren't established online yet - consider reading the Getting Started as a Money Making Practitioner page ]

Many individual practitioners hit a wall - things are going well (or close to well), but it feels clear there is more growth available.

Updating your website might help - but what will make it become Engaging?

In other words, how can we attract attention and increase interaction so we really connect with more people?


Let's reach the curious millions

For every person who is looking for a reading or a reiki session, there are thousands who have seen Singing Bowls and Tarot Cards but haven't had any experience with energy.

At least not YET...

But they are showing up at expos and fairs, asking questions and giving it a try. Isn't it time for a similar space online? One where the curious can learn about the different modalities and practitioners? Where events and activities abound?

FindMagicPeople is designed to help people explore and discover. To pursue their interests, ask questions and connect.

And it does this by giving you a voice to create your profile, events, offerings and services and more.

It's a collaborative approach to visibility - let's show the world that no matter where they are - there are amazing resources available in-person or online.

FindMagicPeople is fantastic for Google search


The curse and blessing of reaching people online

Online communications often have diminishing returns. Some folks try to get attention by publishing  something -ANYTHING - several times a day, but that is an exhausting and usually fruitless effort. Social media platforms can be hit or miss and often seem to be mostly miss.

Facebook - The ads are getting out of hand and the algorithms don't seem to give any new reach.

LinkedIn - Useful, but not the right vibe for our conversation. We're often talking to each other rather than potential clients.

Meetup - Creates just enough engagement so that it's hard to leave, but few manage to get significant gain from it.


But my website is getting lots of traffic!

I don't want to downplay this. It's important and valuable. But to get engaged visitors (asking questions, reaching out, connecting) is something only a handful actually achieve.

Most websites can't get beyond providing information and a way to contact. And most visitors, especially the brand new contacts we want... are reluctant to reach out.

The fact of the matter is that individually it's overwhelming to create the amount of genuine and engaging content at the frequency required to have visitors want to visit frequently.

It takes a group effort - which is exactly how FindMagicPeople works.

FindMagicPeople is a beacon in our community.


How can FindMagicPeople be similar and still different?

Great question. The technology behind FindMagicPeople IS similar to other social platforms.

One of the key differences is that it's not free - so we don't need advertisements or the deliberate reshuffling of attention that other platforms require for their business model. They thrive on tons of shallow engagement.

They want people's attention to jump every 7 seconds - it gives the illusion of value - in clicks, likes and views. But this actually works against what people really need.

It's time for a space of contemplation and connection. Wouldn't you rather share a story or engage with questions and answers? We know people need this in-person - and they need it online as well. We can offer that to them.


It's time to create our conversation and our community.

Add your voice to FindMagicPeople.


I'm ready