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What is Findmagicpeople?

FindMagicPeople helps seekers with discovering what will help them and to connect with practitioners. Whether you’ve found something you love and want to stay in touch, or are just discovering that people see the world this way and want to learn more – FindMagicPeople helps you do just that.

For Practitioners – FindMagicPeople creates a simple solution to many of the technical and communication needs we have. There’s no reason for each practitioners to learn website maintenance, optimization or to solve the technology of communication with customers. Let FindMagicPeople handle the tech so you can focus on your gifts and helping people. 

Why Findmagicpeople?

FMP is built for the spiritual community BY the spiritual community. The founder, Derek, has been teaching transformational courses since 2015 and has a deep familiarity with the difficulty of connecting with the world of alternative approaches. Finding what will support you doesn’t have to be a matter of luck or circumstance.

By putting everything together in one place – the curious can see options, attend events, learn about topics and find the right practitioners. 

How is Findmagicpeople helpful?

FindMagicPeople allows you to both discover and explore the wide-ranging realms of psychic, spiritual and holistic offerings. It can feel like a rabbit hole, but it’s actually an unfolding of paths and opportunities. Find what draws your intention and excitement. There is an ever growing number of practitioners, spaces, communities and offerings available. Perhaps you will join the ranks?

FindMagicPeople allows you to browse, connect, reach out and follow your interests. Get alerted to new contributions and events (if you have registered a free account).

For practitioners – FindMagicPeople allows you to present what you do and offer in a wealth of ways, making it easier for people to find and connect with you.

  • Through keywords
  • By name
  • By events you offer
  • By listing each individual offering (many of us have several)
  • By location
  • By mutual connections