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Tarot Card Reading – Fortune Telling with Cards

Why is Tarot so Popular? 

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Why is Tarot so popular?Tarot has a long history in many cultures and Tarot Readings have been readily available at street fairs, from family advisors, from local boutiques, and now from online calls. People seek Tarot readings as entertainment, as a way to understand forces affecting their lives, and to receive guidance from the spiritual world regarding key events. If you feel that your life has metaphysical purpose,  recognize coincidences, sometimes sense a meaningful message from a song on the radio, a found object, or an unexpected contact, you may be open to more detailed psychic messaging.  

For centuries, people have sought to see what’s in the cards or stars regarding their circumstances and prospects. The ties between Astrology and Tarot run deep. The astrological elements for earth, water, air, and fire are referenced in four of the Tarot suits. Solar objects and zodiac signs are associated with the symbolically illustrated cards in the fifth suit. These are the essential forces and events that influence our lives and the patterns and associations represented in these cards can give us significant insight. 

What are Tarot Cards? 

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What are Tarot Cards?Tarot playing cards were used in Europe in the 1500s for games called “Tarocchini” in Italian, “Tarot” in French, and “Taroch” in German. 

In the late 1700s, a French occultist called Jean-Baptiste Alliette published a deck of Tarot cards for divination purposes and became widely known for providing esoteric readings. Since then, other variations of Tarot cards have been published, and today you can get them with styles from the Egyptian Thoth to Lord of the Rings imagery. Any style of Tarot cards that contains all the basic features can be usefully read and the choice is a matter of preference.    

The 78 cards in a Tarot (pronounced “te-rõ”) deck are similar to modern playing cards, but with significant differences. The mysterious knowledge or fortune-telling aspects of these cards were referred to as “Arcana” that could be interpreted and communicated by those with otherworldly associations. 

There are 56 cards in the four Minor Arcana (lesser secrets) suits marked with pips (symbols such as swords, cups, coins or pentacles, batons or wands). Each of these 14-card suits contains an Ace, four face cards (King, Queen, Knight, and Jack/Page or Knave) and cards numbered one through 10. 

The fifth or Major Arcana (greater secrets) suit contains 22 cards illustrated with images of characters, objects, or concepts, as listed in the table below. They are also called “Trump” cards, since when they appear in a reading, they have greater significance and influence than cards of other suits. All but the Fool is numbered with Roman numerals I to XXI. The Fool card is numbered as “0” or not at all. 


Tarot Major Arcana (Greater Secrets) Cards 
I.    The Magician
II.    The High Priestess
III.    The Empress
IV.    The Emperor
V.    The Hierophant
VI.    The Lovers
VII.    The Chariot  
VIII.    Strength
IX.    The Hermit
X.    Wheel of Fortune
XI.    Justice
XII.    The Hanged Man  
XIII.    Death
XIV.    Temperance
XV.    The Devil
XVI.    The Tower
XVII.    The Star
XVIII.    The Moon
XIX.    The Sun
XX.    Judgement
XXI.    The World  
0.       The Fool


How is a Tarot Reading Done? 

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How is a Tarot Reading done?Would more insight regarding people and events that are influencing your life help you make good decisions? Are you wondering who you can trust, where you should live, when you will find a soul mate, or what to choose as a career? It’s a good idea to have such a question or a particular issue in mind when you consult a Psychic. A Tarot reading is particularly useful for describing the various people, events, and forces that are affecting your personal situation.

Once your question is clear, Tarot Psychics often seek to transfer your energy to the deck during shuffling. The next step is to determine which “spread” or pattern is appropriate for the matter at hand. They lay out the cards and look at which cards are located in key positions in the spread. They can then communicate the meaning of the cards individually and how they affect each other by placement and association. For example, in the frequently used spread called the “Celtic Cross,” cards in certain locations represent what is happening now in your life, while cards in other locations represent your concerns, another’s perspective or the environment, and possible outcomes. 

The general card information must then be refined to your specific situation, so Psychics inquire about people, events, or places that fit the vision or message being described. They can then assist you in clarifying and interpreting the insight provided by the cards.

What does a Tarot Reading feel like? 

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What does a Tarot Reading feel like?Whenever the universe gets a chance to send you a message, you can expect to be energized by accurately receiving it. The more important the topic, the stronger the spiritual effect is likely to be as your vibrational energy resonates with the cosmic energy. If a Tarot Reading give you clarity and motivation regarding a situation, you can have some confidence that it was on target. If, however, you feel confused or uncertain, the reading is less likely to be useful. 

Do not assume that a reading indicating unwelcome news or danger is predictive. Such a reading may simply be a caution and provide consideration on how to avoid a negative outcome. 

Your own feelings about the reading and the reader will tell you a lot. Do you feel heard and understood? Is the reading relevant to you and make sense to your situation? Has the reading been explained to your satisfaction? Do you trust the reader? If you suspect that the reader is manipulating you for any reason, just discount the reading and move on. 

Under no circumstances believe any threatening information, or the suggestion that you must continue readings or payments to avoid a bad outcome. Authentic Tarot Psychics are helpful and supportive. 

Can I learn to read Tarot cards?

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Can I learn to read Tarot Cards?Yes, there are many short guides, detailed books, and video tutorials on tarot cards and readings. Many types of Tarot decks are available. Please see the materials available from providers on this Find Magic People site. They will be happy to recommend options that meet your needs.

While the meaning and use of Tarot cards is documented knowledge, however, it is not a simple matter of reading descriptions and following instructions. The 78 Tarot cards have the capacity to portray the vast variety of life’s relationships, dilemmas, forces, and events. You will see that a specific trump card can be interpreted differently when it occurs in various positions on the spread, in association with other cards, and in context of the life of the person receiving the message. You will find that learning Tarot requires feeling and accepting the mysteries cosmic energies and life forces. While Tarot can be used for fun, it is fundamentally a vehicle for receiving and communicating spiritual energy and guidance in this life and it is best used by those that are willing to enhance their spiritual connection. 

Where can I get a Tarot Reading?

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Where can I get a Tarot Reading?We thought you would never ask…. Please see the Psychic Tarot Readers listed on this site.