This is a powerful energy clearing from the lineage of King Salomon that banishes unwanted, negative energies and toxic emotional connections from your life. 

Highly recommended following a negative confrontation with someone, experiencing trauma, divorce or break ups, or being in any toxic environment. Also recommended as a proactive boost to energize major life transitions to assist you in clearing the old and making way for the new!

Benefits of Energy Clearing can include:

  • Feeling Uplifted & Hopeful
  • Positive, Lighter Vibration
  • Decreased Anxiety, Depression, & Fear
  • Increased Emotional Stability
  • Greater Strength to Stand in Your Power
  • Clean Slate for All Relationships
  • Empowering New Beginnings
  • And More!

If you're seeking to lighten your vibration and free yourself from emotional attachments to people, places, and things and negative, persistent thought patterns, I highly recommend receiving this Energy Clearing and freeing yourself to enjoy your life more abundantly!


The Energy Clearing is $150 and can be paid via PayPal using @AFEL711 using the Friends and Family option.

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