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Energy & Chakra Exploration (4-week series)

We are energy beings! In this 4-week class, discover and deepen the connection with your energy, aura and chakras in this class series. We will explore each energy center and the relationship with our physical, mental and emotional wellness, review and experience methods for assessing and balancing our energy, and work with meditations for each chakra. Deepening your connection with your energy supports healing, releasing what no longer serves, and being in your authentic self.


  • Overview of Human Energy, Auras, and Chakras
  • For each Chakra:
    • Relationship with physical, mental and emotional states
    • Assessing the chakra energy
    • Working with and balancing the chakra
    • Meditations

This class is 4 consecutive Thursdays: 8/24, 8/31, 9/7, and 9/14

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