Kathleen Sherman

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Bio / Self introduction

Kathleen Sherman is a shamanic medical intuitive, psychic medium, channel and Reiki master. Kathleen combines medical intuition, shamanism, and quantum healing to help her clients in all stages of the ascension process. In addition, she is able to view past lives and channels loving spirit guides and Angels to help bring healing and expansion to each individual throughout all space and time. Kathleen uses her intuitive senses while being guided by spirit to release any blocks or lower energies, assisting clients to blossom into their new expanded multidimensional selves. Kathleen also assists with soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, lower energy attachment removals, soul integrations and alignments, energetic rebirths, energetic cord removals, DNA upgrades and Angelic energy infusions. Kathleen is available for individual or group readings and healing sessions in person or through phone, zoom or Skype. Mentorship and classes are also available.

Kathleen is also the author of her book on spiritual awakening and it is a guide for others on the path of spirituality and ascension. You're Not Crazy, You're Simply Divine, a guide to help you step into your soul's true purpose!  Purchase her book through this link! https://www.kathleenshermanhealing.net/book

How to find Kathleen:

Website: https://www.healingwithmedicalintuition.com/.

***Please note...All private readings and class/course scheduling through her website only.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Healing-with-Medical-Intuition-617462568600862/

 Email: [email protected]

Website https://www.kathleenshermanhealing.net/

You tube channel: Kathleen Sherman:Shamanic Medical Intuitive https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCbD0HIkMfkcN6vL37aEEkg

Skills / Expertise

Medical Intuitive Medium/Healer
Reiki Master
Soul Realignment Readings


Medical Intuitive
Akashic Records
Psychic Readings
mediumship training
Energy Healing
Past Life Regressions
Soul Purpose
Soul Retrievals
Spiritual Mentoring and Guide
Spiritual Author

Who I Work With

My purpose in life is to share my spiritual abilities and gifts in the world and assist others on their paths as well.  I do readings and healings one on one, and in group settings, I also run spiritual retreats.  I teach classes and mentor for mediumship, reiki, psychic abilities, medical intuition, remote viewing, guided energy clearing, connecting to spirit guides, shamanism techniques and much more!  

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