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Derek Stottlemyer

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Bio / Self introduction

I have been a licensed Avatar Master since 2014 and I love teaching the Avatar tools and helping people learn how to create the lives that want to have.

As an Avatar master, I introduce people to the materials (created by Harry Palmer in 1987) and deliver both the Avatar Course and the ReSurfacing workshop. I also share open events most weeks so people can learn in a friendly manner.

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I live in Southfield, Michigan - but I work with people from all over the world either over zoom or on Regional or International Courses.

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Skills / Expertise

Attention Management
Belief Management


Personal Development
The Avatar Course
Peace of Mind
Higher Self
Powers of Consciousness
Spiritual Awakening

Who I Work With

The Avatar tools have been taught all over the world to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. But the tools require a degree of self-honesty, introspection and a willingness to change.

The results are breathtaking - so if you are curious, touch base to learn more. There are a few ways to get a feel for the course before deciding to sign up.

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