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Eric Webster

Discovery Call

Bio / Self introduction

After a lifetime spent working in business, Eric Webster decided it was time to combine the knowledge and experience of his business life with the Akashic Record, Intuitive Counselling, Lifestyle Engineer, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and other training and skills he acquired over the years.  

Eric works in the Akashic Record, the complete story of your soul; past, present and future.  Consultations are chock full of information that can help you clarify what’s going on in your life, what your future direction might ideally be, exploring past life connections to current situations and behavior, and a wide array of other potentially life-changing, life-enhancing information. 

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Eric can be reached at 616-259-0204, e-mail:  [email protected]

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I am a part of The Hypnosis Growth Club which is a truly international group of professional Hypnotherapists who join together every week on Zoom to plan, problem solve, support each other, grow our skills and so much more.


Skills / Expertise

9+ years as a Certified Hypnotherapist/Lifestyle Engineer


Akashic Records
Psychic Readings
Lifestyle Engineer
Past Life Regressions
Virtual Gastric Band

Who I Work With

Given the range of modalities I work with, my client base is very diverse.  

  • Hypnotherapy/Lifestyle Engineering
  • Akashic Record/Psychic Readings
  • Reiki 

Some of the areas that are frequently presented for my help are:

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