Welcome - I'm glad you are here!

I'm Derek, and I'm thrilled about this site and what is developing... but it is still developing. I'm looking for early adopters and I'm refining the site to be as beneficial as possible. But that means there are some gaps and some shifting parts. 

Under Construction

We are adding new groups and intuitives nearly every day so while it may not be a community yet, hey - you are here and that's a start :-)

Feel free to

  • Ask me questions (as comments or in a private message)
  • Join groups that look interesting (you'll get notifications on new developments)
  • Enroll in Events or follow people or topics
  • Contact me if you are a Professional, have a location or manage a group / discussion - I'm working individually with each to set up their spaces. (It's fun - and pretty damn cutting edge)


Oh, and if you like the feel of this site, then tell friends who would also resonate with it. Let's grow, together


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