I thought I'd create a discussion space all about mediumship. This space is open to everyone and is a place to discuss, get support, ask questions, share experiences, or even quietly read long, discover, and learn.

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It's not mediumship, but I just wrapped up a Wizard's course that touched on new spaces of information for me. I had a cap I hadn't realized on what information was I considered real. It left me trusting a deeper level of subtlety.

Hi Manze, I think we all have our own process and way of connecting and sensing the various energies of spirit. I believe that there really is no unique method that is correct or wrong - how it works for you is right for you. That said, for me the connection is very much like being in a room of people. If you close your eyes, you can often still sense the different presences and energies. So even if I can't 'see' them (which I sometimes can), I feel them - and 'see' them psychically. I also differentiate sometimes differentiate by the type of energy I feel, for instance a very overwhelming high energy is often an ascended master or angelic spirit for me.
On an additional note, I find that the deceased often appear initially in their very human energy - as they were in their life. This seems to be more about identifying them for the sitter, as once they confirm that identify, I feel the energy shift to a higher vibration - their spirit or true self.
I know this is a big lengthy - but I thought it was a great question, and it got me going lol.

No apologies needed! I find it interesting how we all connect and what those experiences look like. My own spirit team is very active, and very talkative lol. I relate a lot to the crowded room. Depending on the type of energy, is what determines how they come through for me. Sometimes, its very clear and I hear. It also depends on the divination tool I'm using in the reading. When working with clients, I often sense a person's essence.. in describing that, it tends to put the person at ease with the familiarity.

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