Here's an inspiring quote from the recent Wizards course.

One of the benefits of having the big courses over zoom rather than in person, is that parts of the world that have been very restrictive suddenly have access. Suddenly people who have waited decades are free to take the courses online - and listen to an example of what they share afterwards:


"I am very surprised by the course I took (This is weird).

Before the empowerment course, I used to stop moving forward because of the fears I was experiencing.

At this time, I fully understood that when the primaries are in the direction of growth and benefit for the general welfare of the society, there is no more fear and now my primaries after the end of Wizard 2 course are:

1- I build a holy life for myself and others by using my inner spiritual power

2- I create value and awareness in my world

3- My life benefits others

4- I am doing my best to empower myself and others

And now I feel that these primaries are in the direction of the flow of the universe and I really feel empowered.

Harry, I found that the need of my society today is the spiritual awakening and empowerment of people in all aspects of their lives, and now I can introduce the avatar in a valuable and sacred way, and then the stars guide us, and this is the way of liberation.

I will succeed and there is no possibility of failure. Hurrah, Hurrah

Thank you and all the team and I love you"


It's beautiful to feel the world getting kinder.


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Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

...I had a realization: Truth is relative to the point of view from which it is perceived. What I look as and where I look from determine my perception of truth.

I experienced deep compassion as I understood that everyone, from their viewpoint, is seeing truth.

I think this is a key understanding for creating a harmonious civilization.

Avatar - working together

Instead of asking if something is true or not, you could ask:

  • From what point of view or from what definition of consciousness is the statement true?
  • From what point of view or from what definition of consciousness is the statement false?

Relativity is near ultimate truth!

End Quote

from Living Deliberately: The Discovery and Development of Avatar®

Line breakIt is more harmonious to explore and share different viewpointsLine breakExploring Viewpoints with the Avatar Course

Explore Viewpoints


Objective: To free attention.

Expected Results: Increased calmness, broadened perspective.


Take a thirty-minute walk. On your walk periodically notice something small; notice something big. Notice something far away; notice something close.

Write down any insights you gained from your walk.

Time: 30+ minutes

from ReSurfacing®: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness

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The Avatar Path Book Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials Avatar - Seven Pillars of Enlightenment

The Avatar Path: The Way We Came.

Understanding how your mind operates is the key to living deliberately as a source being!

Watch a talk by Harry Palmer that explores the elements of spiritual awakening and how these operate in the world.

The Seven Pillars of Enlightenment

The online mini-courses offer practical and effective tools to transform your life now!

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Quiet Mind: Finding Your Way Home with the Avatar Course

Movie Night 12/10


"The Power to change your story is the power to change your life." - Harry Palmer

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Avatar Movie Night - Impressions


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The International Avatar Course - In Person


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Connect with an Avatar Master

Ideas I Create

Here is a breathtaking perspective on the experience of the Avatar course, from a 17-year-old who just recently did the course.

“During my Avatar Course I got new perspectives about how the numerous thoughts and feelings in my mind are, after all, my own creations and that I can discreate them. The past memories I suffer from are just ideas I have created. I realized I should not let them influence me in the present moment.

I have learned several times, from various practices, to be here and now. But with Avatar it becomes clear in a different way.

This has been a very good time of re-visiting and cleaning up negative things in me. I thank all those people that have helped me through.”




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