My name is Michael Allison, and I own Prismatic Flower Essences. I offer various alternative wellness services at the Ascension School Of Healing Arts (formerly known as Ascension Healing Arts Center) that can help you with mental, physical, and spiritual levels. I work directly with the founder of Ascension, Donna Lakes, to help her students and clients live their best lives.

I offer flower essence blends for various topics covered at the Ascension School Of Healing Arts Healer Program, such as chakra healing, boundaries, shadow work, inner child healing, intuition, grounding, and trauma. Flower essences help dissolve emotional chains and blockages to live your best life. They are taken as a tincture a few times a day to assist you in calming the mind and cleansing your energy body. They are lovely to use in between energy healing sessions and other wellness therapies.

Aura Sprays are a phenomenon at Ascension School Of Healing Arts. These lovely smokeless smudge sprays combine flower essences and gem elixirs to cleanse your aura and chakras and lift your vibration. Aura sprays are lovely for cleansing negative energies in a room or space. They work well with reiki practitioners and energy healers to boost the sessions for their clients.

As a practitioner at Ascension School Of Healing Arts, I provide niche wellness services for the students, such as flower essence therapy, aroma point reiki, gemmotherapy, ear seeds, intuitive healing, sound touch therapy, and crystal healing.

To book a service with me online, go to

My services are in-person and via Zoom at the Ascension School Of Healing Arts, 1938 Burdette, Ferndale, MI 48220. To book an appointment, call me at (248)-509-4329. Check out their website at to see what they offer!

Medical Disclaimer

Information in this blog is intended for educational purposes only. I do not diagnose, prevent, or cure diseases. Please consult with your doctor for medical advice.

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