Discover 3 different types of card decks and their origins, learn how to find the perfect deck that resonates with you, and understand how to use card pulls for self-reflection.


People talk about pulling cards, card pull of the day on Instagram and Facebook...

What are people doing with all these cards???

Are you curious about card decks?
Wondering why people pull cards on a regular basis? 
How do they do it? Why does it matter?

Card decks are valuable tools to aid in self-reflection and personal growth. There are thousands of card decks on the market. But where do you start? 

In What the Deck, Lisa Sciotti will explain different card decks, including their histories and purposes. She will guide you through picking out the perfect deck(s) for you.  You will learn how to put your beautiful energy into your deck and how to intuitively pull cards for self-reflection. 

Please note: This course is NOT instructing how to use cards for divination or to read cards for others. The purpose of this course is to explain the differences between various card decks and to show how to personally use them to think a little deeper. This course is for all religious beliefs and denominations and is not intended to change your current beliefs.

Here's everything your will learn in What the Deck:

  • Affirmation Cards and Oracle Cards - you will learn which card decks fall into these categories and how they originated
  • Tarot Cards - you will learn the history of tarot cards, a brief explanation of tarot card structure, and understand why tarot cards are perceived as "scary"
  • Your Deck Your Way - you will receive the blueprint for finding your perfect deck, along with ways to clear its energy and make it your own. Lisa will demonstrate how to pull cards using your intuition and explain ways to use the cards for personal reflection and inner growth.
  • BONUS: ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSION!!! For 30 minutes, Lisa will meet with you virtually to help you pull cards intuitively and to answer training questions. $50 Value!!!

Lisa Sciotti has spent the last several years researching and working with various cards. She has been pulling cards for herself since 2018 and began sharing inspirational daily card pulls on Facebook and Instagram in early 2021.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!!

Enroll today and learn how pulling cards will support your intuitive, self-reflective life. 


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