Relief from Stress, Anxiety and Worry - Live in Harmony

There are many ways that we fall out of harmony with the world.

  • When we are stressed or anxious - it is felt by those around us, or worse, it can cause us to separate.
  • When we are in conflict or disconnected from anyone - it creates dissonance in our environment.
  • When we struggle - our effectiveness is limited. We can't make the difference in the world we are capable of making.

The TEN ACTIONS exercises offer you a quick and effective way out. These techniques help you reach your own alignment.

Taking even a few minutes to find alignment benefits you

AND those around you.

How can Avatar® techniques help me?

The Avatar tools have proven effective all over the world in dozens of languages. They are self-adapting to the consciousness that uses them - and so the same exercises continue to support your growth and realizations as you become more familiar with them.

Will they work for you? People all over the world have had amazing results - and so it's worth finding out for yourself. This exploration is a great way to get your answers.

Avatar exercises for relief from stress and anxietyWhat are the Ten Actions?

They are simple experiential exercises that take from 1 to 30 minutes each. Each action has an expected result involving an important aspect of consciousness that is helpful to manage - such

  • Deliberately controlling attention
  • Deciding or shifting perspectives
  • Quieting a busy mind.

The goal is to put you in charge of your life experiences.

Finding grace in challenging times

Most people find the exercises energizing, relaxing and smile inducing. Results vary - but these are fantastic antidotes for worry, stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and more. 

How often in your day would you like to be able to shift your feelings or mindset? These tools will help.

Peace of mind, calmness and increase in energy
All expected benefits of these exercises

Expected results are different for each exercise, but here several:

  • Calming
  • More Focused 
  • Relaxed
  • Increase in Energy
  • Self-Control
  • Sense of Well Being
  • Sense of Grace
  • Increased Sense of Self Respect

Who should attend?

You should! There's no downside.

It's especially helpful for relief from negative emotions, anxiety and stress.

Avatar Course procedures for non-Avatar graduates

These are powerful procedures guided licensed Avatar Masters to help you get the most out of the techniques.

Find out more about the Avatar Course at

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