Prismatic Flower Essences Aura Sprays are an infusion of flower essences, gem elixirs, color light elixirs, essential oils/fine fragrance oils, and structured water that cleanse the aura, chakras and energy body. They are wonderful for clearing energy in a room or space. These Aura Sprays are wonderful for psychics to enhance their intuition and great for body workers to elevate their sessions with their clients.

To use: Spray around the body to cleanse your energy field. In a room or space spray in the corners of a room to cleanse the space of unwanted energy.


Aura Sprays are available on my website for $30.

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Cactus Flower Aura Spray Sunflower Aura Spray Magnolia Aura Spray Iris Aura Spray Blue Lotus Aura Spray Pink Lotus Aura Spray Abundance Aura Spray Grounding Aura Spray Tiger Lily Aura Spray Violet Aura Spray Aura Sprays are wonderful for clearing energy in a room or space and for cleansing your aura, chakras and energy body. Black Rose Aura Spray