Distance Reiki Attunements by Michael Allison

At Prismatic Flower Essences we offer attunements with newer energy healing systems through the chi ball method. These unique attunements allow you to learn vibrational energy you can use anytime through symbols, mantras, and intention. 

Our distance attunements work just as well as in-person or group attunements. We have seen incredible results from our clients. Our goal is to help you find balance and harmony within yourself. Let us assist you in your journey to emotional wellness and self-discovery.

What is an attunement?

The attunement process is an energetic initiation ceremony, often called an energy lesson, performed by an individual who is already tuned to that particular frequency to pass that energy to another person so that they may learn that specific vibrational energy that allows the newly attuned person to channel this energy anytime they wish through symbols, mantras, and of course the intention behind it. It will enable the freshly tuned person to pass the attunement to others.

During the attunement process, the Master/Teacher/Facilitator acts as an energetic conductor that channels the energy to the intended recipient. Spirit guides, source, higher self, or higher vibrational entities guide this. The attunement to that particular energy lasts a lifetime, with no follow-up attunement necessary. Merely using the power helps to get the energetic resonance of that specific energy system working again if you last used that system a while ago.

Distance attunements work precisely the way that in-person or group attunements work. The idea is that people are generally more comfortable in the comfort of their own homes and will be more relaxed during the attunement ceremony process. There are skeptics of this process, and had I not experienced distance attunements, I would be skeptical myself as I've personally done in-person, group, and distance attunements. Being home in my own space is a better attunement experience.

Once purchased, I will send you a PDF of the manual and a message to schedule your attunement ceremony. The ceremony is conducted via the chi ball method and takes about 30 minutes to receive the attunement. It's best to be in a quiet space to lie down and focus on acquiring the energy. Once completed, I will send you a certificate of completion.


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