Greeting Magic Friends,

Today we're going to talk about how the world can find you on FindMagicPeople, which could be different from what you are used to. So I'm going to explore a little about types of marketing and look at Entry Points - which are a key factor in reaching the right audience.

The goal is for you to be comfortable adding the right content about yourself on FindMagicPeople.

This won't be technical, but as always, if you have questions please ask. 

Business websites have a different flow than FindMagicPeople

I know many of you have built one or more websites - so let's first look at a business website. Almost all of these assume that a person visits the front page first and then drills down to look at services, contact info, etcetera.

With FindMagicPeople - each of your personal spaces is set up in a similar way. People can read your Profile and click to contact you, follow you as well as explore your events and offerings.

Many members mimic a business page with what they create on FindMagicPeople - and that's a good way to do it, but it's also important to remember that visitors often don't start at your Profile.

They may find one of your events or an offering first. They may be interested in a topic, or looking for something to do on a specific day or even just browsing for new information. That's why everything you create will show a teaser to your profile - so visitors can always learn more about you.

Best Practices:

  1. Look at each event and offering as a stand alone entry point, and give enough information for context.
  2. Be specific, creating multiple items is usually better than creating one item as a grouping.

Magazines and Directories

As a promotion platform, FindMagicPeople has similarities to advertising in Magazines and listing in directories (such as for therapists). With ads in magazines, the goal is to be concise as you are trying to get attention quickly through images and headlines. And you can usually expect that your audience is already has some interest in what you have to say.

Online directories can be similar - where visitors compare similar entries to find the best match.

These two approaches exist on FindMagicPeople, but don't tell the whole story. 

First of all - FindMagicPeople creates searchable categories for topics, types of offerings, events and people. So there are numerous 'mini-directories' and the hope is that visitors will explore many of them.

Since you can create more than one item it's best to be specific in each, and create multiple events or offerings if it makes sense to do so. Try to appeal to your perfect audience rather than to everyone.

Best Practices:

  1. Be descriptive and expressive rather than concise.
  2. Be aware that titles, images and initial text will be displayed in teasers and lists.

Google and Search Engines

I'm leaving the most important for last. Google spans the world, and most importantly offers the best way to reach people who aren't already connected.

There are too many people in the world who haven't discovered resources like us and what we offer are available. How many times have you heard someone say "I didn't know anyone had this kind of conversation".

Our realm is one that people want to explore, at least after they're immediate concerns are met. So our aim is to help people discover and explore. The best way to do this is by creating lots of variations on each topic, modality, etcetera - since just about every variation under the sun gets searched for. 

The search engines prefer sites with the following characteristics:

  • Lots of content and consistent new content
  • Lots of relevant links.
  • Content that is accurate and informative.

FindMagicPeople is creates a unique way take advantage of these characteristics which makes all the content on the site more visible to the search engines.

This means that anything you create can be someone's entry point to a new universe of information.

It really does work this way. The way you say something could easily be the exact way someone is searching for it.

Best Practices:

  1. Create often, especially when you are inspired.
  2. Write information in the present moment if possible.
  3. Use the keywords people are curious about, along with variations of phrasing and in multiple contexts where possible.
  4. Be accurate and honest

In Summary

FindMagicPeople is a unique platform for reaching the world. I hope I've helped clarify how best to take advantage of your membership by relating it to familiar marketing and promotion approaches.

We try to make it as easy as possible to add events and offerings.

The more we authentically put ourselves into what we do, the more it will return to us, and the same goes for this site.

Be real. Be bold. Be a part of something bigger that aims to benefit the world.


Thanks and Blessings
Derek Stottlemyer 
Feel free to email me at [email protected] or Message Me with feedback or questions


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