We CAN reach the world

And we can do it together


Are you looking to reach (and help) more people?

They are out they - searches for topics like reiki, sound healing, chakras, tarot, spiritual healing... each get over 100,000 searches each month.

But individually it's nearly impossible to get ranked high enough for them to find us - plus it's a completely different set of skills to  market and optimize.

Enter FindMagicPeople.com

By creating a space where each of us can share what we do, and then sharing that content in multiple key places (by keywords, location, activity type and more) we help the world discover US.

Look around, and you see - FindMagicPeople is designed for people to explore, not get to one answer.

It's never been easier

As a paid practitioner on FindMagicPeople, you start by creating your profile - where they share who, what methods you offer, who you like to work with and even an intro video if you have one.

From there, you can create any Events or activities you offer (people LOVE activities) and FMP adds links to them in all kinds of related areas.

You can also add Offerings - and go into more detail about each specific kind of thing you do (workshops, modalities, topics - the various things you are inspired to share).

Offerings allow you to go into detail - and are also what we focus on for Search Engine Optimization. So each of us becomes an entry point for the world.


We're just getting started, and every new practitioner adds to the momentum and reach.

There is a lot more FMP does (and will do) - but the above is why most practitioners have joined. FMP plans start at $8.95 / month or $85 / year. You can sign up and get started now by clicking here

Also - feel free to jump on one of our zoom sessions and get a personal introduction. You should see a few upcoming sessions above or to the right depending on your screen.


Thanks for your time,
Derek Stottlemyer, founder and member

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