A Trance Channeled Circle with Master Teacher Enos.

Sunday, January 9, 2021
2:00–4:00 PM ~ Doors open 1:30
NOTE: No admittance after 2pm, so as not to disturb the channel.
Cost: $25 in advance

About the channelled event with Enos:

Michelle Michael is a highly sensitive psychic, medium, and intuitive channeler. With her channeling skills, she has developed a close relationship with a Spiritual Master Teacher named Enos. Enos is known in the Old Testament of the Bible as a grandson of Adam and the first-born son of Seth.


Enos will, through Michelle, share channeled messages offering his wisdom, guidance, and teachings in response to your personal questions. With his gentle humor, warmth, and honesty, as well as his deeper perspective of the human experience, you will gain insight and a deeper awareness of yourself.


Any topic can be discussed – Enos feels that if your question is important to you, then it is important for him to discuss it with you. It is his intention and purpose to be of service to others in helping them with the answers and guidance they are seeking. Therefore, it is requested that each attendee spend some time considering the question that Enos will answer.


You will leave the evening feeling uplifted, having received deeper understanding, counsel, and knowledge from a higher source, Universal Master Teacher, Enos.


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