Practical & Mystical Bookclub

Practical & Mystical Bookclub - week 1 - Causes vs Excuses

Hello friends,

I'm starting an book discussion group called Practical & Mystical Bookclub where we'll be looking at sections of several of the Avatar® books by Harry Palmer.

One of my favorite topics is "Managing Change" - increasing our skill at recognizing when choices are available so we don't let our past or events decide for us.

Join us as we start to explore "Manageable Causes Versus Plausible Excuses", chapter 5 in The Avatar Path, by Harry Palmer.

You can read this chapter online at

I hope you can join me in this helpful exploration - just let me know if you plan to attend.

Each meeting is unique and self contained - so while everyone is invited to attend regularly, joining in for an occasional meeting is also completely appropriate. You don't need any prior knowledge.


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Practical & Mystical Bookclub

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