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Practical & Mystical Bookclub - Managing Change

We'll continue to discuss the skills of managing change in life with the next book club this Wednesday.

"In the foregoing article, I made the following points: EXCUSES are responsibility limiters (blame avoiders) that convey the message that one is not at fault. The most acceptable excuses are explanations that people will find plausible. MANAGEABLE CAUSES are beliefs, thoughts, and actions that you can do something about; you can control them.

A situation is a non-optimum condition. Unhappi­ness, loneliness, failure, exhaustion, and despair are typical personal situations. Also, so are being broke, being ill, or feeling overwhelmed. Also, so are not being the person you would like to be, and not doing the things that you would like to do."

This discussion works best if you have at least one of these personal situations in mind, and we'll explore how to find empowering areas when you can start to take more control.

You can read this chapter online at if you don't have a copy of the book.

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Next week we'll look at Chapter 7 : Break Your Jug

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