Online Psychic Mediumship Course

Have you ever wondered how psychics and mediums talk to the dead? I used to wonder the same thing, until I had a wild and unexpected spiritual awakening. Now, years later, I am a spiritual mentor, medical intuitive, psychic medium, and natural shaman. I want to share my knowledge with others. This is a course to help YOU on your quest to open to a whole new dimension of psychic abilities. I was once asked “How do I do what you do?” This is how, and I am honored to be your guide! This course includes 17 video modules that relate to each chapter guiding you through learning to use your psychic abilities, intuition, universal laws, raising your vibration, mediumship, using divination techniques, and much more! Make sure you visit the "Books" tab to order your copy of "You're Not Crazy, You're Simply a Psychic Medium" to follow along with Kathleen.

This is a recorded course you purchase and view at your leisure.

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