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Demystifying Journalling: 3 Powerful Practices

Beautiful journals are everywhere! Many of us have several that called us to buy them, but they now sit empty on our shelves. Why don't we use them? Why is it so difficult to maintain a regular practice? Maybe it is because we are not experiencing tangible benefits. Often, we free write or capture events, thoughts and feelings. But journals can be powerful tools for working through difficulty, supporting decision making, sparking creativity, and aiding in self-discovery and personal growth. Journalling can even be a source for inspiration and guidance. Come learn how to use three different guided techniques and processes to transform your journalling practice and enrich your life experiences!


  • Journalling - what it is, the benefits, differences between journals and diaries
  • Styles and types of journals, guided and unguided journalling
  • Three impactful techniques of journalling :
    • Tapping into self and spirit to receive guidance
    • Releasing, healing, and moving forward - working through trauma and past experiences
    • Discovery and self-awareness for growth and personal transformation
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