Empower Thyself Initiation Class: Columbus

This 2-day immersive experience opens the door for you to access the deep, Hermetic Mystery School teachings and metaphysical tools from within the lineage of King Salomon the Wise.  This is the 1st time this is being offered in Columbus, OH!

Empower Thyself reveals to the sincere seeker the esoteric knowledge and magickal keys to master your life and amplify your Light here on Earth - keys used by many of history’s greatest leaders, visionaries, and innovators unlock their full potential and change the world for good!

The 2 days culminates with a sacred Initiation Ceremony that initiates you into the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light and into the royal Lineage of King Salomon, with all the powers thereof!

Empower Thyself adheres to the sacred tradition of “handing down” esoteric teachings, tools, and rituals from teacher to student to preserve their full integrity and power. This MUST be done in person! This tradition honors the pure, direct connection of this unbroken lineage to the Hierarchy of Light and all those who have committed their lives to protecting these secrets over the millennia.

Benefits of the Empower Thyself 2-Day Class and Initiation include:

+ Expanded Knowledge of Reality and the Higher Dimensions of Life
+ Enhanced Intuition and Connection to Spiritual and Angelic Realms
+ Daily Practices to Raise your Frequency & Accelerate your Healing & Growth
+ Proven Techniques to Clear Negativity and Illuminate your Negative Ego
+ Amplified Ability to Manifest your Will & Create in Alignment with your Higher Purpose
+ Direct Communication with your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides
+ Tools to Create Sacred Space Within Yourself and in the Spaces you Occupy
+ Shining Exponentially More Light through you into the World
+ And More!

Investment: $1,250

A minimum deposit of $300 anchors your spot in this transformative experience!

Prerequisite: Life Activation

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