This is usually the first session that I recommend for my clients following their consultation, as it sets the foundation for major shifts and deeper healing!

The Life Activation activates your spiritual DNA and the unique blueprints for who you truly are as a Divine, eternal Being. This ancient modality unlocks your full potential, awakens hidden gifts, enhances your intuition, & brings new clarity to Who you are and your Purpose here on Earth!

Benefits of Life Activation can include:

  • Deeper Clarity of Purpose
  • Increased Physical/Emotional Resilience
  • Unprecedented Ease Moving Through Blocks
  • Improved Wellbeing & Accelerated Healing
  • Deeper connection to your Divinity
  • Elevated Hope and Joy
  • Enhanced Energy
  • And More!

If you're at a crossroads in life and searching for higher purpose and greater clarity in living your life, the Life Activation may be your KEY to breaking through and revealing the deeper truths of who you are and why you’re here now!  It worked for me, it's worked for all of my clients, and it can work for you.



The Life Activation is $250 and includes the session as well as an alchemical supplement to aid in your integration.

Payment can be made through PayPal to @AFEL711 using the Friends and Family option.

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