We all dream! And I have found that nearly everyone I meet has a dream story to tell - one of those experiences that really stood out. Sometimes it was a premonition - a dream event that came true. Other times it was a visit from a departed loved one that was just 'too real'. And many times, it was a n odd and memorable dream that the dreamer "just knew" had some deeper meaning or message.

Let's have a discussion! What dream experiences have you had? What dream meanings are you working to decode?

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One very memorable dream I had was very plain. I was literally an image of a 3-digit number floating over a dark background. The number was 973. At the time, I was struggling to remember a 3-digit combination for a lock. I thought that this dream was giving me the answer, for sure! However, it did not work. A friend suggested I play the daily 3-digit lottery, so I thought "why not?" and bought a ticket (my first ever!) and .... I won! I have not had a dream like this since, though I'd like to!

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