I love the holistic community – I love working expos, going to discussions and finding new events and meeting new people. There is SO much happening, but it’s not often easy to find. Someone mentioned a cool sounding meditation, but I can’t remember the location or when it happens (and jumping on Facebook doesn’t help – I forget what I’m after as soon as I log in).

FindMagicPeople is my way of connecting us.

It’s a mixture of Meetup and LinkedIn and Facebook. Meetup has the events, but isn’t really social or professional – so I’m focusing on how we meet in person, but with professional profiles and offerings and the social elements of discussions. It’s nothing that couldn’t happen on meetup (you can certainly discussion and send messages) – but it’s really just not how the platform is used.

So here are three scenarios of how I see this site being used…

  1. Learning about and referring people to friends and events.
    Learn about each otherI know lots of people, but don’t have business cards handy for most of them. And by creating a social/ professional platform, it’s easy to look people up where I met them, to see what they offer and ask a question or send their profile page to a friend. It makes networking 100 times more effective than it currently is.
  2. Doing cool things
     Doing cool thingsBrowsing events from a list is okay, and there are decent directories out there. But I want to be able to look up that meditation Laurie mentioned… Or hey, Sam is presenting at that new studio, I’ve wanted to visit there!
  3. The professional stuff
    Professional StuffIt’s not always easy to share the professional stuff. I don’t want to being in marketing mode all the time, but it’s so important to present what we do to our community. AND we need to support each other. Paid accounts for professionals and emerging talents are available (learn more here)
  4. Connecting my groups in one place
    Connecting UsOne group is on Facebook, another is on meetup and two others have mailing lists. Where do I find details? And many groups are private, how do I discover and express interest in one? It really boils down to word of mouth, and growtogether offers it better than anything I’ve seen.

This site is free for most users and groups. The threshold is income, if a group is for business then you have to pay, and professional offerings and locations have a fee as well. But communities, discussions, etc are and will remain free.

This site is also in Beta - we're still moving things around to get it working, and this is one place YOU can help. We are looking for Beta Users - especially professionals so we can refine everything to a wide range of us cases.

If you are up for being an early adopter, we are offering reduced prices that are LIFETIME (no renewal, ever). If you are a professional (healer, teacher, coach, reader, entertainer... etc), have a location OR run a group or class, please contact Derek.

If not - please create an account, look around and connect!