Hypnosis is both over dramatized and undervalued.  Hypnotherapy creates freedom and success;  helping you relax, feel and function better. 

Hypnosis is quite subtle and leaves you with greater personal control, more behavior options.  It integrates the unconscious with the changes you make.  The unconscious mind has a reputation for tripping up your efforts at change, but it’s really quite easy to get that same subconscious to cooperate with your plans when you know how to communicate with it.

The unconscious is careful to protect you, so the changes you make are healthy, comfortable and quite easy.  The unconscious is also very good at supporting you in bringing about your creations, once it is engaged toward their creation.

This is a great way to get access to your inner resources and skills, train yourself to maintain a positive or powerful state, improve performance at whatever you do, and make the most of your past experiences.

Hypnosis creates  a different sort of mental attention than you normally engage;  one in which you can focus on a particular subject matter or section of reality.  You remain aware and in charge.  Think of reading an absorbing novel, or seeing a movie and suspending reality temporarily.

Wtih hypnotherapy you get access to more of your mind and your intelligence than you normally would, especially in our digital world.  The you make those connections, the better they work to serve you.

The results seem subtle but it may be that the new behavior is congruent with your authentic direction.  It is a great way to work with nature to reinforce your good intentions.


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