Money Money Money Program!

What are your real money blocks?
Are they even real and true?

This program is designed to bring up what you know about money, and what you don’t know about money, In order to find out what is true for you about money.

The start date is November 8th.
Signup by November 3rd to be included in the bonus preparation call live.

“Fabulous and exceptional - all of your programs are - and everything builds - "Creating beyond" all the illusions, programs, limitations, belief systems - you help bring life into clarity, Roxanne Kuchciak - and your money programs aren't really about money - I feel as though I am more whole, more integrated, and authentic - asking, allowing, receiving, and maintaining, harmonious right relationships to all energy, love, money, truth, integrity, justice, peace fun, creativity - play - compassion, joy, love, health, wellness, and learning. I feel as though your money programs are helping me strengthen the weakest parts of my personality. I'm discerning what is and what is not for me quicker. Creating in real-time. It's a process and the deepest core beliefs that limit in all-time dimension space and reality are dissolving, resolving, and completing now and consistently. I still make some "bad" choices however, I'm not beating myself up, I'm cleaning it up quicker, more efficiently, and deciding that truth is my friend.”
- Lee, United States

I’ll teach you some simple tools. How to muscle test. How to determine what’s light and what’s heavy. Glimpsing into your future energy to see what you're creating, and of then course correcting. We will eliminate outdated beliefs system, programs, and patterns, and give you an opportunity to step into the lead of your life.

Click here for more information and to listen to the two introduction replays:…

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Click Here for more information and to listen to the two introduction replays
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