Uncover keys to your present life by exploring a past life. Sources of unwanted patterns of behavior, deep seated fears, difficulty in relationships can all be brought to your awareness with a Past Life Regression. Once the source of these difficulties is uncovered, you are able to integrate, process and let go of them to experience a more aligned and greater version of yourself. This is a therapeutic process that can have a beneficial effect on your everyday life and relationships. 

This is a 3-4 hour process. The first hour to hour and a half, we will complete a thorough personal history to uncover a Core Concern by which to begin the regression. Once that is landed, we will take a short break and then do the regression. Included in the price of the regression is one follow up session for integration purposes.


$333 for 3-4 hour regression including follow up 30 minute session for integration purposes.

After the regression, if individual sessions are desired, they are $111/session. 

Past Life Regressions