Keep your energy bright, strong, and positive through healing your aura - your primary energy source to create the environment best suited to you!  Aura healing restores energetic balance and patches rips and tears in the aura that result from trauma, toxins, alcohol, drugs, or anesthesia that can leave you feeling drained and exposed to the energy of others and your environment.

Benefits of Aura Healing & Cleansing can include:

  • A restored sense of peace
  • Feeling more balanced and centered
  • A decrease in feeling vulnerable to the energies around you
  • Enhanced immune system
  • A greater connection to self
  • And More!

I recommend scheduling a series of 3 consecutive Aura Healing sessions to maximize your benefits.

Prerequisite: None, but Life Activation is recommended


Investment:  $100/session

Payment can be made via PayPal to @AFEL711 using the Friends and Family option.  Thank you!

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