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Bio / Self introduction

Hi there! I am a holistic practitioner licensed & trained in Psychotherapy. I have a deep passion for the energetic healing arts, particularity Shamanic CranioSacral Therapy. This is my signature service, consisting of a full 60-min session of connecting & listening to the body’s energy fields. During session, the systems feel heard & the central nervous system relaxes, relieving the client of the heavy weights of emotional burdens, defenses and traumas in turn for a healthier existence.

This practitioner has always been a seeker of knowledge. Knowledge to help people take their god-given power back, to stand strong and respond gently & maturely while being true to themselves.

My knowledge to guide others stems from formal education, books, esoteric teachers, regular practice of the work, daily meditation, parenting and relationships, travels all over the US and from time spent in distant lands such as Thailand, Peru & Costa Rica. The incredible people I’ve met, the mentors I’ve studied under, & the experiences of my own life of which I’ve come out strong & been successful at effectively reframing have led me to be ready to serve those in need with integrity & high quality.  

20 years ago, in my residency in Phoenix, AZ, I ran meditation trainings. Today my Meditation Services are unique and top-notch. I very much enjoy offering meditation circles to my community. I enjoy meeting new people, visiting different places & gathering with friends.

Skills / Expertise

Meditation trainer
anxiety & depression
DBT skills facilitator
Shamanic energy practitioner
licensed counselor
parenting skills


craniosacral therapy
Shamanic Healing
Chakra Balancing
Spiritual Life Coach
skills training
tetrahertz frequency attunement

Who I Work With

My services help lighten the human being. There is no question that when stagnant energy is moved & released, the human feels less heavy and more connected to a place of inner balance with clarity.

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