Teri Williams, Shamanic Mentor and Energy Healing Practitioner

Teri Williams, Founder of Soul Practices

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Bio / Self introduction

Teri Williams, founder of Soul Practices, is a Modern Day Shamanic Mentor and Energy Practitioner as well as host of Soulful Living on Empower Radio.  She has over 25 years’ experience in the healing arts and mysticism, assisting others in unleashing their potential within, releasing trauma and pain, for overall good health and well-being.  

Her specialties include: Shamanic Energy and Shamanic Journey Sessions, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Circles and Workshops, Shamanic Rebirthing, Shamanic Energy Sessions, Drum Circles, and more.  She also offers weekly/monthly events designed to help elevate the soul. When others walk into her space she wants them to feel as if they are being welcomed home.

She is also a business coach who guides and assists entrepreneurs in growing their business by clarifying their vision, the heart and soul of the business, providing strategies and services based upon tools she has used to consistently grow her own business for 20 years.  

She is the creator of the Shamanic Journey Practice 30-Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey, currently offered FREE of charge, endorsed by world renown shaman, Sandra Ingerman,  as well as Lifestyle and Relationship expert Lisa Coffey and the Learn Reiki From Home online Reiki master program. She believes everyone on the planet can and should know at least one energy healing modality to enhance their life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  

“I believe that the Art of Impeccable Soul Care, taking care of YOUR soul first, is the primary method to synchronize your body, mind, and spirit to live life more in tune with your own truth, by incorporating simple ideas and habits, like intentional gratitude and short meditations, into your life. These habits include one constant thought for every action: what you focus on multiplies!” Teri Williams

Her and her husband are committed to the practice of compassionate living on every level.

Visit SoulPractices.com for more information or to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call.

Skills / Expertise

Modern Day Shamanic Mentor
Shamanic energy practitioner
Energy Healing
Energy Work
Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Rebirthing
Shamanic Journey sessions
Drum Circles
Meditation Circles
Shamanic Journaling Workshops
Business Coach


Shamanic Journey
Shamanic Journaling
Energy Healing
Drum Circles
Women's groups
Plant Based Living
Clean Living

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