Roxanne Kuchciak

Roxanne Kuchciak

Discovery Call

Bio / Self introduction

With over 7 years of private Intuitive Empowerment Coaching, and 17 years of being a ThetaHealing Instructor, I have helped thousands of people identify their greatest fears, neutralize the connection to these fears, and create beyond these fears. I use a combination of healing modalities to assist my clients in overcoming their limitations, so they can get into their full creative potential. and uncover their authentic self.


Skills / Expertise

Creating Beyond Clearings. ThetaHealing Instructor
Access Consciousness Bars Instructor
Access Body Process Instructor
Access Facelift Instructor
Crystal Layouts- Remote Viewing of the Soul
Soul Realignment Readings


Energy Healing
creating beyond
Higher Self

Who I Work With

I work with anyone who is ready to up-level.  Are you ready to release the thoughts, feelings, emotions, patterns, programs, triggers, and stories that have been holding you back, keeping you in place, and what you have been unable to put your finger on? If so, I'd like to offer you a free 45 minute Clarity Session, Send me an email to schedule your session at [email protected].




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