Why You Need Intuition in Scary Times

Use Intuition in Scary Times to See What is True

In frightening times, without a solid sense of inner knowing, it’s hard to tell what is going on.  You need your intuition in scary times.  Events are chaotic and reports of those events evoke even more fear.  Never mind how our news and views have become more and more highly polarized. If you develop inner knowing and intuition and you don’t need to wonder what to think anymore. 

Developing intuition is a productive response.  It turns the attention from a confusing environment and focuses it on the underlying - or maybe overriding - truth.  Intuition in scary times can show you what is.

Like the north star on a dark ocean, intuition and inner knowing help navigate chaos and upheaval.

The Optimism of Intuition and Inner Knowing

Intuition can tell you a number of things that are not scary at all.   Replace confusion with useful information.  What interests are supported by the energy of turbulent times?  What opportunities are available because of changing attitudes?  What new problems can be solved now?

In our current turbulent times, the collective outlook is scary but the individual may do quite well in personal or business endeavors.  Think of recent upheavals that have made it much easier to connect to others remotely, to work more flexibly, even in the most structured job to do a number of things that have been simplified by technology.

In general, change and upheaval offer unique opportunities, but you need intuition in scary times to see or create the opportunities.  Someone who is intuitive, uses inner knowing, senses more!  More openings for new ways of doing things.  More people who need what you offer in order to cope with life.  More willingness to accept the discomfort of change and less resistance.  More willingness to consider something different.

Learning to use intuition more consciously (we all have it) and to access inner knowing, helps you see where the world’s energy is taking you, and whether that’s what you really want.  It's possible to focus in on what values have changed, and how to to help other people who are frightened. Best of all is receiving the happy intuition that upheaval rarely points to terrible outcomes in the long run.  And if clearer perception or intuition in scary times does show a perilous future, then we may see how to navigate and manage.

Use Intuition in Scary Times for Creating a Better Reality

Unfortunately, turbulent times drive most of us to ground and comfort ourselves with routine.  This helps to cope, but maybe not thrive.  Beware of applying old values to new opportunities.

Consider all the endeavors that failed to make it through recent lockdowns. People gasp for spiritual sustenance, but witness churches which have not provided it.  Organizations need good solutions for trying times, but see those who have held their focus on cost cutting and employee compliance.   How many complaints have we heard or even voiced about sending checks in the mail?  Darwin said it the "best adjusted" that survive.

Most exciting is that intuition in scary times is the key to a brighter life.  See past upheaval and create life according to inner knowing rather than in reaction to reactions!  

Developing intuitive wisdom and inner knowing admits us to a bigger world. It gives us  opportunity to create an experience we want. Influence the world, know what actions  to take.  There is huge satisfaction from recognizing our creative spirit; not in spite of a scary world but because of it!

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