Did you ever have an important dream that you buried?  You decided it was a lost cause?  Somebody said it was stupid?  Did you fail to get it off the ground? Or maybe you were afraid to even try.  Do you even know if you have such a buried desire?  How scary is it to look at that dream and wonder if it’s too late to go back?

Most of us have a dream or desire that we have given up?  Estimates are that only 20% of people actually pursue the goals they have. That estimate doesn’t tell us whether those who failed at goals tried again. and we don’t know but maybe 80% were afraid to try.

So, why do I nag you to resurrect some dream that tweaks you so much that you buried it?  Mainly because it does tweak you so much!

The dream which is so important that you cannot pursue it is very likely coming from your core; your source.  It matters.  It expresses you.  Sitting on desires or failing at intentions for long periods of time, speaks of a counter intention; a pretty serious belief, block or fear that has kept us from a straightforward desire.  Letting go of this critical counter intention could, by itself, really free up your energy and improve life.

In some way, shape or form, your buried dream is probably something the world needs from you.  It may not manifest as you envisioned when you were 7 years old, but its essence is an important part of you and  your hero's journey and your belonging on the planet.

What stops you from creating and living this dream?  What are you manifesting instead?

It's never too late.

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