What is true?

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Truth is a confusing word.

In reference to the physical universe, truth is determined by factual evidence, but in reference to personal reality, truth is determined by certainty in a decision or a belief. Truth based on certainty is not as immutable as truth based on factual evidence. You can change certainty. This ability opens the door to a technology for managing beliefs — The Avatar® Materials.

If you were to put truth on a scale, somewhere near the middle, there is a crossover point where the criteria for what is true changes from factual evidence to personal certainty. On one side of this crossover point is the shared reality of factual evidence. On the other side of this crossover point is personal reality, which is the reality that we construct.

The Crossover point for Truth

But truth is not always this simple.

It winds in on itself, and mingles past perceptions of reality with certainty of belief. The brick wall is real. That we agree. But what color is it, how tall is it, who built it, and why? Is it attractive or not? These considerations color the perception, and generate experiences that are personally real for some, but not necessarily real for everyone.

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Line breakTruth is relative to the point of view from which it is perceived.

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Play with perspectives

The Avatar Course can help you broaden your perspective

Objective: To free attention

Expected Results: Increased calmness, broadened perspective.


Take a thirty-minute walk. On your walk, periodically notice something small; notice something big. Notice something far away; notice something close.

Write down any insights you gain from your walk.


from ReSurfacing®: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness

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