The attunement process is an energetic initiation ceremony, often called an energy lesson, for about 30 minutes. It is conducted by an individual already attuned to a particular frequency to pass that energy to another person, allowing them to learn that specific vibrational energy. This enables the newly attuned person to channel this energy using symbols, mantras, and intention. The attunement also empowers the freshly attuned person to pass the attunement to others.

During the attunement process, the Master/Teacher/Facilitator acts as an energetic conductor, guiding the energy to the intended recipient. Attunement to a specific energy is a lifelong connection, and there is no need for follow-up attunements. Simply using the power helps to reactivate the energetic resonance of that particular energy system, even if it hasn't been used for a while.

Distance attunements work in the same way as in-person or group attunements. The idea is that people are generally more comfortable in the comfort of their own homes and will be more relaxed during the attunement process. While there are skeptics of this process, I have personally experienced distance attunements and found that being at home in my own space provides a better attunement experience.

I offer many different types of distance energy healing from newer systems, such as:

• Moon Reiki
• Celestial Reiki
• Lemurian Seed Facilitator
• Celtic Wisdom Reiki
• Blue Lotus Energy Healing System Level 1 & 2
• Elemental Pentagram & Magic Circle Empowerments Course
• Butterfly Reiki
• African Violet Octave
• Rainbow Healing Sequence Technique
• Crystal Reiki

These energy healing systems are lovely to use alone or combined with Usui Reiki, massage, and bodywork. After purchase, I will email you the PDF(s) manuals and a message to set up your distance attunement ceremony. After your ceremony, you will receive a certificate of lineage and will be able to pass the attunement on to others! The attunement does not require a Zoom or a call. Call in the energies during the ceremony, and you will receive them.

To learn more about my reiki attunements, visit my website at to view my offerings!

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