The language of intuition is like any language. It helps to have experience and know the nuances of the communication.  You may understand your intuitive responses based your rational intellect, but they emanate from a part of your consciousness that is not much acknowledged.

Intuitive information transcends the intellect.  It is bigger and more inclusive.  You may have your own style of intuition that includes mental voices, pictures and feelings.  For most everyone, feelings are a critical part of the message.  Everyone knows the “gut feeling”.

Ultimately intuition comes through you, so it's important to listen.  You already understand at some level.

When I signed the contract for the Job of My Dreams, I developed an anxious stomach ache.  I thought it might be excitement, and it was, but it was fearful excitement.  It felt like betrayal.  That six month contract was full of events that brought a feeling of betrayal up again and again.  After that, I had no trouble listening more carefully to my feelings and their connotations.  

So you listen to those feelings but what do they mean?  It’s pretty clear when you simply turn down a different road, or just can’t get yourself to get on the elevator with that person. But, sometimes it’s confusing and leaves you wondering, what is my intuition trying to tell me?

Anxiety or worry can masquerade as intuition. Adding to that, intuition can guide you to take action that makes you uncomfortable because it's new or different;  such as telling an uncomfortable truth, or making an unusual decision.  But intuition usually will not make you more anxious or worried.

My rule of thumb is that intuitive messages almost always come a sense of rightness and underlying calm.  There is frequently a constructive action to take.  Intuition is good at urging new actions or no actions but will not urge vacillation.

Intuition may tell you to stay home today.  It usually won’t tell you to stay home every day.  When you stay home, you will feel right about it.  It could ask you to tell your truth but it will not urge you to criticize and offend others.  When you tell your truth, you will fee relieved to have done so. 

To interpret intuition, first get out of your intellect.  Put your hand on your belly and direct  your attention there.  Breathe in and notice what the message seems to be, notice what you are feeling, listen to consistent and calm message.  Ignore random mental chatter.

Evaluate intuitive messages over time, and the actions and events that follow.  Be practical, not logical.  How did it work?   This fine tunes intuitive perception so it's easier to tell what your intuition is trying to tell you.

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