I hope your weekend has some magical possibility in it!

It's interesting to realize (or decide) that the rest of this day, this week, this year - doesn't have to look like what we are used to. It's fun to navigate towards new and exciting possibilities.

In talking to people, I sometimes forget this and try to fix a problem or solve an issue. This isn't bad - but the real gift in taking the Avatar® Course is that it helps people recognize all the possibilities they can move towards.

We can each create forward into new and magical experiences - and this is the gift that these techniques unlock.

I'd love to tell you how - but, it's all in the experience. And if you want a feel of the experience, here is a short video from one of the courses. The energy of the students is quite amazing.


If you are ready for more of this kind of energy, let me know - there are zoom and in person courses coming up.

It's a wonderful possibility invite into your life!




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Reconsider the impossible

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

Something is reasonable as long as it fits with the way you structure your consciousness. This is very important. This is the most important thing I am going to say tonight. Something is reasonable as long as it fits with the way you structure your consciousness. This is a principle that is explored in depth on the Wizard Course.

Consciousness is structured by the assumptions you make, by the beliefs you accept without question, and by the decisions you make.

The same idea may seem reasonable to one person, or it may seem unreasonable to another person. It depends on how it fits into the structure of the consciousness that views it. You could call this structure of assumptions, beliefs, and decisions a mind.

Some people look at an idea and say, "Oh, that's very reasonable." Why? Because it fits into the structure of consciousness that they think with.

Other people look at the same idea and say, "That's completely crazy." Why? Because it does not fit with the structure of consciousness that they think with.


But it is the same idea.

When you change the structure of consciousness, which is exactly what you are doing when you create a primary or discreate a belief or impression, the question of whether an idea is reasonable or unreasonable may change.

Learning to change your mind spiritually

...Maybe you are asking yourself, "Is there something I consider beyond my ability that in fact is reasonably within my ability?" Well, is there?


What you think of as an impossible dream might be reasonable if you thought differently.

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from Seven Pillars of Enlightenment • The Avatar® Mini-Courses

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Relax the mind

Take a walk and count forms until colors appear brighter.


Time: 30+ minutes

Expected result: Extroversion, a sense of being alive


from 10 Actions You Can Do Today to Start Taking Back Your Life



"I am amazed by how the Avatar exercises are adapted to each consciousness that uses them; from an individual's growth and practice, to their use by people of many religions and cultures around the world. Anyone with an open mind can experience happiness and enlightenment, and can continue to grow with the Avatar tools if they so choose. I know they have made a world of difference in my life, and in my sense of being able to experience my life and live it with a sense of purpose."

-Tracy R., USA


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