“Kindness and instruction are the best strategies for changing the world” - Harry Palmer

Are you free for a Zoom tomorrow at 6:30 EST (Sunday, Dec 10th)? 

We'll be watching and discussing Harry Palmer's talk "Impressions", where the quote above comes from. As we learn to align our personal lives in integrity - our desire to help others increases. It's a natural part of an opening heart.

In this talk we'll be exploring the deep impact of stories we tell - both on ourselves and on those around us - and the reality-altering the can occur when our stories change.

I don't want to spoil the surprises - so please make it a point to join us. It's free and the discussions have been full of smiles.

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Along the path of awakening

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These are questions found along the path of self-honesty. They do not merely elicit answers; they create moments of sudden intuitive understanding - epiphanies.

The Avatar Course - Beyond Personal Evolvement

Is every attempt to better the world really just a resistance to be discreated (dissolved)? Is it enough to return to the peace and calm of one's own center and just watch the world proceed? Appreciating all, understanding all, forgiving all, beyond it all? Or is there something more to be done?

I think that when you pose a question with enough sincerity, and are willing to have it answered, the universe will find a way to answer you...

An answer came back to me. It came in a dream image of a holy man...He said, "The collective consciousness is not in your head. Your head is in the collective consciousness."

After I had repeated that a few times, I began to understand. It is not enough to work on self. There is a point where personal evolvement must go beyond self-examination into social responsibility.

The collective consciousness is not in your head. Your head is in the collective consciousness.

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from The Avatar Path: The Way We Came


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Personal Responsibility, Compassion and Service to Others Living Deliberately - by Harry Palmer
Hear Harry Palmer talk about the essential connection between individual awakening and operating effectively in the collective consciousness that we share.

Walk the path

How can an individual awakening change the direction of the planet? What are the steps that lead to enlightenment? Discover how Avatar® re-creates these steps so the doors of enlightenment are open to all.

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Upcoming Activities

Movie Night 12/10


"The Power to change your story is the power to change your life." - Harry Palmer

It's not just an idea - join us in exploring the POWER we have to rewrite the script of our lives.

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Avatar Movie Night - Impressions


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Coming January, 2024

Orlando, Florida

International Avatar Course - In-Person


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Connect with an Avatar Master

Inner Peace


“This course is well designed and delivered... 500 people in a room, and everyone being treated with respect and care; speaking many different languages, and all working at their own speed. I felt very well taken care of... and the Avatar Masters there were so supportive and loving.”

- A.A., USA



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