Intuition refers to the ability to understand something immediately and without the need for conscious reasoning. 

Because intuitive information is usually known without an awareness of the source of the information, the term "intuition" is often used to refer to psychic knowing. 

There is a strong physical component to intuitive information and it is often described as a "gut feel" or a "sixth sense."

Although, intuition bypasses the intellect or conscious reasoning, it can access information that one doesn't know how they know, or information that has an unconscious source, or it can pop up as a strong feeling in response to something.  It is often a source of holistic information since it can originate from various sources and provide more complete information though it maybe cannot be explained.  

In intuitive coaching, intuitive responses are beneficial for making highly subjective personal decisions and accessing personal strengths and knowledge.  

Although intuitive information does not originate from intellectual logic, it usually does stand up to logical intellectual scrutiny and therefore the information is often very useful and accurate when tested.

Some personality types are more intuitive than others and one can become more intuitive by developing those qualities.  For example, in Myers Briggs, the type INFJ is introverted and goes within for information, has a tendency to intuitive thinking, has access to feelings and tends to judge which allows them to accept intuition without necessarily subjecting it to reason.

Training to become more intuitive, then, involves attending to emotional and physical feelings as well as thoughts that come into mind,  accepting knowledge that presents internally and accepting it as it immediately appears before evaluating it.

Intuition in coaching is especially useful for discovering how one is affected by unconscious thoughts, that affect reality creation, personal preferences for decision making, and to identify personal biases that can affect performance in various ways.  It is also very good for building empathy, and reading the motives and feelings of other people and the direction events are likely to take. 

Studies show (see Dean Radin) that most people receive intuitive information and it can be a very useful source of information if they can recognize it for what it is.


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