Thanks to those who made it to Movie Night last Thursday - there a lot of heart felt sharing and at least one person said it was perfect for them.

Part 3 - the Path to Service is scheduled for June 9th at 6:30 - back to our usual Sunday night, and it's perfect leading into the upcoming Avatar Course.

If you are interested in watching or re-watching Path 1 or Path 2, you can do so here:

Path 1 - Path to Personal Responsibility

Path 2 - Path to Compassion

We will be at the Professional Course next week (an advanced course for us masters) so there probably won't be a message next weekend. I hope you have as high energy a week as we expect to!


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What can I manage?

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

I've been noting the difference between manageable causes (something we can do something about) and plausible excuses (an excuse that is believable). I'm not a big fan of thinking backwards into the past, but sometimes a little of it is necessary.

The strategy that I favor is to identify a situation, either good or bad, and examine the actions or inactions that were responsible for it. The actions that I'm particularly interested in are

  • those that I can deliberately repeat
  • those I can change
  • those I can avoid doing in the future.

These are manageable causes: I can manage them.

Finding Manageable Causes

Of course there may be unique circumstances or events that can't be managed, which also contribute to the situation:

  • acts of God
  • difficult people
  • broken beyond repair
  • or, used up.

It's good to be able to recognize these so I can avoid making future plans that count on them.

The best argument for studying the past is to learn to repeat manageable actions that lead to favorable circumstances in the future.

Or avoid manageable actions that are likely to lead to situations in the future. It is not a perfect system, but it does turn the odds in your favor.



End Quote

from  The Avatar® Path: The Way We Came

Line breakWhat you believe is the most powerful contributing cause to any personal situation


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Release the worry

Be ready to evolve

Try this simple exercise and recover your energy!

Pick a frequent worry and outline the sequence of thoughts that lead up to that worry. 
Deliberately think the thoughts in sequence until the worry fades.

Time: 5+ minutes

Expected Result: Recovered energy

from Ten Actions You Can Do Today to Start Taking Back Your Life

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"I understand all the steps I need to take to create inner peace"

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