Stages of awakening

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Compassion is the motivation to define better living conditions for creatures.

It is a two-stage process: first it is a feeling of sorrow for the suffering or troubles of another person; second, and most importantly, it is an urge to effectively help the person.

When the sorrow is experienced only intellectually, not felt, a definition separate from the suffering is created. Our intellectual response to "that" suffering is to avoid it. Maybe we whisper a thankful prayer that the suffering didn't land at our door. But beyond a sympathetic nod or two, we seldom do anything effective to help.

When the "my (definitions of)-self" are relaxed, the suffering of the world is recognized as a prevalent condition that afflicts, and will continue to afflict, all of us. This is the realization that stimulates you to align and undertake the task of defining better living conditions for all creatures.

...Sometimes life will break your jug for you. An unexpected promotion will demand that you assume responsibilities beyond your comfort level, or a personal tragedy will have you coping with things that you didn't believe you could handle. Suddenly you are out of the jug, growing again.

Compassion for the world

Ultimately you ask yourself the key questions, the questions that every being in the process of spiritual awakening asks:


What am I doing here?

What is this really about?

Why am I participating in this creation of life?

What is really valuable?


And you come to know the answer—know it as a faint intuitive impulse (faint because the intuition does not intrude on your free will, but waits for a moment of willing surrender). You feel it and are sustained by its profound and amazing grace—to contribute to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization®.

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I'm headed to a big expo in Indiana this weekend - but next week I'd like to focus more on one-on-one work.

There are 7 very powerful mini-courses that are effective skill building on different aspects of consciousness - I'm opening up times to work with individuals for a deep dive. This is an excellent opportunity, especially for those curious about how the courses can empower and awaken.

Would you like to take a powerful journey with me?

Attention - The most valuable of all commodities. In many ways to source of all our experiences. Read more...

Beliefs - Explore yours views of self, money, relationships, the future and more and learn a powerful technique to pop out of limitations. Read more...

Will - Be a shaper of your world, not a responder to it. Read more...

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You are worth it


And remember - there is an upcoming zoom course AND an in person Regional Course (in California) - both will be life changing.



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