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How are you doing? Are you getting closer to your goals?

There can be a lot of discipline in moving forward - but there can also be a lot of fun and discovery. Magic. New experiences. Friends and teammates.

This is how I feel about Movie Nights and the Avatar Course. Productive and helpful from exploration and sharing rather than discipline and effort. There is a togetherness that isn't too common in the world today.

I hope you can join in and share some time and beingness with fellow explorers. Join us Sunday.

Make Up Your Mind
Movie Night - 3/24 @ 6:30

Don't miss the magic of our movie nights! These are fun and insightful.

Share realizations and smiles as we explore how life works, or doesn't work...

Zoom ID: 313 570 7151

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Avatar & ReSurfacing

Join Us March 29th for the adventure of a lifetime. Let me know if you'd like to learn more.

It's a great gift for yourself, your future and those in your life.

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And now some resources from Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials

Keep going on your goals

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote


Just imagining what it would feel like to achieve a Right-for-You goal will tap into the courage and determination to accomplish it.

Debriefing is an alignment technique.

It is an oral or written response to three questions:

1) What did you set out to do? (i.e., what was your purpose, mission, intention)
2) What did you actually do?
3) What actually happened?

The value of a debrief is that in clarifying your intention and actions with their results, you are not relying on someone else's evaluation of your performance (job, project, task, etc.) and will realize whether or not the exercise is complete, correctly done, or appropriate for what you are attempting to accomplish.

If your intention in doing an exercise is to remove an emotional block and what actually happens is that you are still blocked, then the exercise is either incomplete or done incorrectly or inappropriate for what you are trying to accomplish. 

End Quote

from ReSurfacing®: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness


Keep yourself in spiritual alignment

Keep yourself aligned

Use the Debriefing exercise with any goal you are working on.
Use it daily to keep yourself focused and on purpose.

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Strengthen your focus and follow through with an Avatar Mini-Course

Empower yourself with tools

Awareness: Basic Attention Management

• Gain tools and techniques you can apply now
• Get expert guidance
• Experience the power of freeing your attention from obstacles
• Restore your ability to focus on your inspiration and goals

Try It Now

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Paths to Give back

Learn how we support global and local good works through Avatar Non-Profit 

Find Out More

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Scenes of happy Avatar courses and workshops


"I feel calm, like I have never felt before, and so ME! Thank you for waking me up to be me, just the way I am!"

 - D.V, Brazil

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