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I hope you are doing wonderfully!
It's a really interesting time in the world, and I'm sure everyone here is working on making changes in their own lives and also likely working to make positive changes in the world.
Our upcoming movie night talk, Managing Change, is worth watching as it helps us recognize the opportunities in life where we can effect change - and also sharing four highly spiritual practices that can make us more effective and aligned.
This talk really has a sense of grace to it - with the section on awareness versus consciousness and the last story about the monk just warms my heart.
We decided to share the link ahead of time, so everyone can watch it whether they can join us on zoom or not. Please take a look - and join us for the discussion and sharing of perspectives if you can. Hearing the insights and questions from others can be immensely informative and connecting.

And now some resources from Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar Materials

Move the dial

Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar MaterialsOpen Quote

Consciousness is a dial, not a switch.

Life is so incredibly rich with stimulus and phenomena that we need to generalize this richness to a manageable level. Usually we think of consciousness as a tool that allows us to become brighter, and more discerning, but it is also a tool for dumbing-us-down.

Consciousness is a dial

Life is so beautifully complex that unless we dumb ourselves down, we are just overwhelmed by the experience.

Every moment is different in some way from every other moment.
Every leaf, every snowflake, every grain of sand in the universe is unique.
Every breath you take is different in some way from the breath before it.
Every second that you experience is different in a million ways from the second that preceded it.

This moment is different from every other moment in your life. When people become aware of this, everything stops, and you begin hearing responses like "awesome, unbelievable, wow."


End QuoteThe Avatar Path Book by Harry Palmer


from The Avatar Path: The Way We Came


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Experience it
Expand your consciousness and connect with awareness. Try this short exercise guided by Harry Palmer.
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"At my course, I had fireworks of realizations, coming one after another, and I finally found the misalignment in me! I am very grateful. It is a gift and I feel the time and money spent is well earned back!"

- E. S., Switzerland


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