Here are three ways you can change the world today

Consider these three ways you can change the world and build community.  They are so simple you may not believe them.

When even a small proportion of a population, in a given area, takes on a particular energy, the whole population can be affected by it.  Sometimes called the Maharishi Effect, the principle is that individual consciousness affects collective consciousness.

The principle was used to predict that when 1% of people practiced Transcendental Meditation in a city,  the whole population benefited in ways such as lower crime, accident and mortality rates.  Definitely a way to change the world.

Numerous studies have supported this notion and, in fact, it is common to experience the effects when a group within a population practices a coherent and positive energy frequency.

“I think the claim can be plausibly made that the potential impact of this research exceeds that of any other ongoing social or psychological research program. It has survived a broader array of statistical tests than most research in the field of conflict resolution. This work and the theory that informs it deserve the most serious consideration by academics and policy makers alike.

”—David Edwards, Ph.D., Professor of Government, University of Texas at Austin

I would argue that this effect is not limited to a physical location.  As social media platforms allow special interest groups to sync up together in greater numbers than ever before, it seems there have been very powerful expressions of this effect recently.   And, the effects have been both positive and negative.

One way you can change the world

So, one way you can change the world is quite simply to meditate or take on practices which help maintain a cohesive and positive mood, or energy.  When  you do, those around you are  influenced positively by the change in you.

A more powerful way to change the world is to influence it with others who practice a coherent and positive energy.  It often seems easier to maintain a high energy when meditating coherently with others who have similar intentions.

A second way to change the world

A second way to change the world is by the like minded groups you do not join. This is less obvious but may be more important.  Do not be coherent with those indignant ones who are united against and victimized by …whatever.  Consider the energy they arouse in you, much less spread through the other 99% of the community!

The third way to change the world

The third way to change the world is to connect with others.  We live in a world that lacks community.  It takes little imagination to see that a group which meditates together (and I would not limit this to TM,) is going to spread its positive influence around and improve the community. In a lonely society, hungry for connection, meditating and related practices such as T’ai Chi, give us a reason to gather and to share an intention. 

These practices, in a group, are cohesive and form subtle and positive bonds between individuals. Imagine what power may be raised when we share an intention to befriend each other, to create peace, to restore harmony, to soothe our stresses…  Talk about a cheap party!  Little investment is required.  The biggest hurdle is consistency and sticking to our purpose.

Imagine we can spread that positive energy we worked up together all over the immediate neighborhood much as you might spread a blanket over a picnic site.  Following that, it doesn’t much matter if we go walking, to dinner, or bowling.  Wy.e change the world, quite simply

We know we contributed to the goodness of our world, and we know we didn’t detract from the goodness of our world.

And we did it together.

Help me change the world in meditations that will guide us into stillness and healing.

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